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Bhutan, an incredible place to visit, is second to none in its enriched scenic beauty that will appeal to the eyes and fascinate the most. Its captivating beauty lifts your spirits to make you feel you have entered a dreamland. The icing on the cake is its rich and beautiful culture that you will feel in everyday life, every day.

Taking Guides Help for a Great Tour:

Despite all these plus points, there is a slight impediment in Bhutan. It makes you take the help of a guide to explore the region as an informed tourist. 

You can make the best of your travel only when travelling to Bhutan through a guided tour. 

As the nationals from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are the only nationalities that can travel Bhutan without the guide restrictions as a tourist, they too can avail of guide services for informed and time-saving trips. 

People from other nationalities always ensure taking a guides’ help as per the local government’s guidelines and require a minimum amount paid per person per day for the said purpose. 

Though several tour companies are operating in Bhutan, we, at Travel Bhutan Tours, are always available to provide our services. 

We put your worries of finding an English guide and Chinese guide services in Bhutan to rest. Our guides are prompt, knowledgeable and courteous to the core to guide you at every stage. We ensure that well trained local guides escort all our tours. 

You will feel the experience of a lifetime to avail our English guide and Chinese guide services in Bhutan, as they will support you in getting acquainted with Bhutan’s culture, history and different places of interest.

Conference and Events:

As famous as the Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan has spent lots of funds in the past decade alone, so far as funding promising Bhutan research and development activities is concerned. 

This funding was backed by both its federal and provincial governments. Many high-level international conferences in Bhutan are organized with the help of such funding. 

However, it can be a highly challenging task to acquire information about the most appropriate international conferences you may like to participate in. 

It may prove to be an enriching experience for you. Travel Bhutan Tours boasts of bringing along a full list of national and international conferences and events coming up in Bhutan in 2021/2022. 

We can be trusted to get the correct information about the upcoming national and international conferences and events, seminars, and workshopsplanned to be held in Bhutan. 

We strive for excellence, and we endeavour to apprise you of the correct and latest information regarding such conferences and events. Taking no chances, we pour out such information before you from the authentic and verified organizers.

we collaborate with thousands of highly trusted universities, learning services, and organizations to display the events.

Your Partner for Need Fulfillment:

Travel Bhutan Tours provides a platform that comes in handy for the thriving community of highly skilful researchers, scientists, and scholars in Bhutan, apprising them of the accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information on every conference and event in the region that will come up in 2022 and after that.

Free-of-charge conference alerts can also be subscribed to. As an informed traveller, you will undoubtedly go home richer with the experiences of industry experts and esteemed researchers from these conferences and events. We are here to offer all-encompassing solutions.


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Be the first to hear all the new packages and promotions!
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