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Bhutan is known for its splendid beauty and serene ambience, which is why it attracts tourists from all parts of the world. But to get exciting facts or more profound knowledge about the source of interest at attractions of nature, sites of historical importance, museums, scenic locales, and other captivating travel destinations, tourist guides are a must.

Our English Guide:

Our English guides are second to none in providing impeccable service to the tourists. However, these English guides are considered general guides. 

But to facilitate our visitors, we handpick the best English speaking guides to lead our tour groups. We make sure to empanel English guides who have in-depth knowledge of Bhutan’s culture, society, history and places of importance. 

The tourists will go home satisfied and enriched with a wealth of knowledge and information about the captivating beauty of Bhutan during their memorable trip.

Our Chinese Guide:

Travel Bhutan Tours always keep the tourists’ priorities first. We make no compromises in enlisting a Chinese language guide and boast of having the best Chinese-speaking guides to serve you well.

We ascertain our Chinese guides are well versed in the Chinese language and are experts in the language.

Having a vast repertoire of experience and language richness, they are empanelled by us to guide the tourists in Bhutan in a language the understand and enjoy communicating while exploring the region.

Setbacks of a Multi-lingual Society

Bhutan, being a multi-lingual society, with around 18 languages and dialects spoken all over the nation.

It remains an impediment to the visitors to have any insights into the facts of this beautiful country.

Travel Tours Bhutan comes in to aid the tourists with the guides, who should give walking tours, bus tours or even offer the tourists ample option to be led by river tours on a boat.

We make sure that all our tours are escorted by highly skilled, trained, knowledgeable local guides who are equally fluent in English and Chinese languages. 

We take pride in providing the tourists with English and Chinese guides.

They are certified and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. 

Travel Bhutan Tours is well known for offering both English guide and Chinese guide services in Bhutan.


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Be the first to hear all the new packages and promotions!
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