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Gear up for one of the world’s most challenging marathons, the first-ever Snowman Run Bhutan on October 13, 2020.
 It is not only a difficult run but it’s one of the most important marathons out there as well.

13Th October 2020:

Bhutan is known for being the only country to be carbon negative. With over 72% of the nation covered in greenery, it absorbs 6 million tons of the world’s carbon.

This helps put climate change at bay; however, with the increase of carbon emissions, it will prove to be more difficult.

This race aims to show people how climate change affects the natural beauty of the Himalayas. The marathon gives the runner a perfect view of the rapidly receding glaciers.



To warm-up for the world’s most difficult run next year, a trial run or calibration Snowman Run was held last October 13, 2019. The race started in Gaza Dzong. The race took five days and finished off in Chamkar Bumthang. 

The first winner was Sangay Wangchuk, a 36-year old soldier from Khebisa in Dagana. He shared that his worries all disappeared after he was able to finish the first day. For him, the race itself was a different experience altogether. Wangchuck even shared that he even made a few stops to take pictures of and film the breathtaking views.

Next Year:

The Snowman Run Bhutan next year will start in Gasa at the northernmost part of Bhutan. The runners will have to cover over 300 kilometers in five days. 

The route will follow the well-known Snowman Trek trail and takes the runners to altitudes of 5,320 meters. It is interesting to note that those who were able to complete the Snowman Trek are fewer than those who have conquered Mount Everest. 

The runners will get to pass through the majestic glaciers, lakes, magnificent mountains, and isolated villages, before finishing off the race in the enchanting valley of Bumthang.

The Most Challenging Race In The World:

This will be a great test for the world’s fittest and strongest runners. So, if you are up for the challenge to prove your strength and resilience, join the most difficult race in the world. 

You can visit the marathon’s website for more information, requirements, and updates for the Snowman Run Bhutan next year. As of now, there are still no tickets available for next year’s race. However, official contact information can be found on the website so you will be sure to be notified once the tickets are already available.


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