Bhutan Tours Agency


Conference And Events

We can be trusted to get the correct information about the upcoming national and international conferences and events, seminars, and…

Travel Guide Bhutan

We take pride in providing the tourists with English and Chinese guides. They are certified and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Travel Bhutan Tours is well known for…

Land Tour Transfers

Bhutan has limited bus services. It requires booking to be done in advance. Overall, it is safer and easier to pre-arrange your transportation through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator such as us.


If you consider a trip to Bhutan and want to understand better how to get acommodation around the city, we will can give you the best options that vary from 3 star hotels to 5 Stars and Luxury Hotels.

Bhutan Festivals 2023

When visiting the Land of the Thunder Dragon, attending a festival is the best way to know how rich the culture of Bhutan is. In fact, your visit can never be called complete if you can’t witness at least one of these celebrations.

National Symbols

The meaning of each element of the Bhutan culture, including their language, flag, anthem and much more…

Flights To Bhutan

We offer direct-chartered flights to Bhutan from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam since the best entry point to Bhutan is…

When To Visit Bhutan?

The scenic beauty of Bhutan remains intact in all the seasons. Here’s an heads-up on what you can expect
when you are here…

Know Before Traveling To Bhutan

The very first thing you need to know before you book tour to Bhutan is that the Bhutanese government carefully picks their visitors…

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